5 Steps That Android App Developers Can Take To Enjoy Success On The Google Play Store

UntitledIf you are a developer and you have just completed designing your android app, you are probably thinking the hard work is over. That is not necessarily the case especially if you are an amateur or if it is your first app and you want to submit it on Google Play store, and enjoy success. There are countless apps out there, and for yours to stand out in the store it not only has to be unique but you must also take the proper steps to ensure people download it on the store. Some of these steps are:

1.   Conduct extensive test for the app

It is common sense to test your app before submitting it to the store. You need to carry out extensive tests to ensure it has no bugs. Since android is an open platform, it has its pros and cons. The major challenge when it comes to testing your android app is that it is very tough to achieve a consistent user experience due to the high fragmentation of android devices.
Nevertheless, you should do as many tests as you can, and aim to ensure consistency in as many devices as possible.

2.   Pay attention to OS Version and Screen Size

For your app to be popular in the Google Play store, you need to pay attention to the different OS versions and screen sizes of different devices. For instance, if your app can only run in the latest android version, you will be locking out millions of other users with previous versions, who cannot download the app. Similarly, if your app has a very resolution for smaller screens, people with such devices will find it difficult to use it.

3.   Create a Google Checkout Account

If you want to sell your android app, or earn money via in-app advertising, first you need to create a Google Checkout Merchant Account. However, before you do so, ensure that you have permission to sell paid apps on Google since Google has a limited list of countries that can do so. You should also plan what you want carefully since once you submit your app as a free app; Google will not allow you to upgrade it to a paid app.

4.   Market your app

Untitled1When you are ready to submit your app, launch it in style. For instance, you can hold a press release and invite important people to cover the event. You can also get in touch with app review websites, and request them to review the app. Do not forget to use the power of social media. Get talking about your app on groups, forums and blogs online.

5.  Offer support for your users

Even the best-designed apps will have a few issues here and there once different users begin downloading them. If users have nowhere to turn for questions, concerns and solutions, they will uninstall the app as soon as they download it. Hence, you need to set up an instant and interactive system where you can offer support and help for your users.

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