Earn Reward Points with New Everyday Cards by American Express


American express’s new launched everyday cards everyday preferred cards have received a great impression among the public as it offers several significant features to the consumers. The banking and consumer lending markets have achieved a great improvement in the past five years when compared to earlier days. This makes the lenders, banks, credit unions and credit card providers to put on efforts to grab the attention of the best credit card customers. This everyday card offers a best competitive rewards market by featuring a great credit card offers. The everyday card appears to an extremely suitable for several card holders who need the perks of using AMEX card with no certainty of paying a full balance every month as per the new Everyday Card review. This card possesses many of the similar benefits that the customers experienced by using costco AMEX rewards previously.

Beneficial features of new everday cards:

  • The consumers can get 50 reward dollars, valid for a 50 dollar statement credit, after making purchases for 1000 dollars with the new card within the first 3 months.
  • In addition, the card holder can get Amazon prime for one year after enrolling for new membership with the card and when they meet the spending constraint in the same duration.
  • Being a member of amazon prime, the consumer can receive unlimited two day shipping for free for millions of items.
  • Cash back of three percentages can be earned at US supermarkets for upto six thousand dollars each year in purchases, two percentages at US gas stations and particular US departmental stores, one percentage on other procures.
  • Cash back is acquired in the form of reward dollars which can be used as an statement card.
  • The card is available with advanced smart chip technology and a zero percentage introductory rate on balance transfers and purchases for the first fifteen months.

As you can see, new everyday cards have been a great source for earning more than just 1 point per dollar for all purchases. When you do not own any amex cards, this everyday cards would be of a great introductory cards to obtain a membership rewards, which are much inexpensive than the present cards like premium rewards gold and gold card. The sign up bonus for everyday preferred cards is fifteen thousand points if you spend thousand dollars in ninety days. The consumers can earn fifty percentages extra points for making purchases during the billing period. Thirty or more purchases must be made to acquire the spending bonus. By using amex mobile application, a digital counter keeps track of making every qualifying purchases for the bonus. When you go through the new Everyday Card review, you can get clear ideas about this cash back everday credit card.

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