Hostoople Coupon 2016

Hostoople has been functioning since 2013. The company was launched by four undergrads studying at University of Texas. Initially, there was very limited capital at the company’s disposal but over the course of time, it expanded. Over time, the company has expanded massively, with over  100 servers and data center along with over 20 employees. The total number of domains hosted is 20,000  which is big.

The concern nowadays that web owners have with web hosting companies is that there are too many of them due to which, deciding one is not easy. There are good and bad companies both. Since the world of technology has expanded massively, the demand for web hosting companies is on an all time high.

Hostoople Coupon 2014

Hostoople offers shared hosting; as the name implies, shared hosting plans is where one shares all the resources including CPU and others offered by the web hosting company with different web owners. There are drawbacks and benefits of using shared hosting. Firstly, the biggest benefit is that it is cheap and reliable but the drawback is that the resources are limited and you have to share things like bandwidth, speed, memory and more with others which may prove to be a constraint on your website’s performance.

Hostoople offers shared web hosting at $3.95 per month, which if you ask me is quite reliable. The best part is that the company’s services are quite reliable and efficient which means that you are getting a guarantee against value for money. You can also get discounts on Hostoople’s services by availing Hostoople coupons. There are so many coupons that you can avail in order to minimize the cost of hosting.

Hostoople Coupon

One of the coupons that you can avail to reduce the web hosting cost of Hostoople’s services is the Mother’s day discount coupon. The discount coupon was exclusive to Mother’s day of course. With the coupon, users enjoyed 20 percent off of the company’s services for the first 12 months. The coupon was oople and by availing it, you can avail a massive $72 discount. This is a huge opportunity for all those who have been looking to try out shared web hosting of reliable hosting company and not spend too much.

While the Mother’s day coupon was mother’s day specific, there are other coupons that can be availed all year round. One of this is GIVEMAX coupon that lets you avail a $50 discount off the company’s services. To avail the coupon, you will have to enter the following code: OOPLE. Even by availing the coupon code, you will get an opportunity to avail same services as usual including domain registration, unlimited bandwidth and more.


There are several other discount coupons available that you can avail and reduce the cost of shared hosting. In order to get these coupons, search any search engine preferably Google. Upon conducting a research by entering keywords such as ‘Hostoople coupons 2014’ you will come across several websites that offer these coupons. You will be amazed to see the number of different coupons that are available. Take a look and avail the one that offers the maximum discount. Hostoople is a renowned web hosting company and getting a chance to avail a discount on its services is like cake with cherry on top. Also, if you hear someone say that shared web hosting is not a wise option, don’t believe them because shared web hosting is one of the most favoured type of hosting services that you can avail and enjoy uninterrupted access to web hosting.

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