How to Market Your Business to a Multicultural Audience

For businesses of all shapes and sizes connecting with your audience is the key to growing and establishing your company as a prominent and trusted market leader. However, if you are a global business looking to market your products or services to a multicultural audience, is your current strategy really enough to bridge the gap?

The PR and Polish marketing professionals at Think Big Comms are experts in creating and managing culturally sensitive campaigns that speak to audiences from all ethnicities and backgrounds. Check out these top tips for marketing your company to multiple cultures and unlocking your business’ potential…

Research your audience’s culture

As with any marketing campaign having a thorough understanding of your target audience is the key to crafting a creative, compelling and ultimately successful strategy. This fact is even more important when marketing to a demographic that you may not have encountered before.

Researching cultural differences will help you avoid the faux pas that could put your company in your customer base’s bad books as well as embrace the popular language that will help you connect with your target audience.

Delve a little deeper

All multicultural audiences have a diversity that many companies fail to tap into in their marketing initiatives. When researching your audience look at the groups within this wider audience and highlight the cultural, regional, socioeconomic and religious influences and differences that could tailor your campaign further.

Review and revise your marketing content

Remember certain analogies, puns and idioms may not be applicable in the multicultural market you are targeting so adapt your content to communicate your core message without being unsuitable. Your key messages, slogans and graphics may also need amending to connect with your target culture more effectively.

Take influence from the big brands

There are many brands that take multicultural marketing to new levels to connect with a wider audience and these can be analysed to highlight strategies that may be of use to your own company.

From websites in multiple languages to country specific images and content, larger brands with big budgets have proved particularly influential in multicultural markets. Whilst your budget may not stretch as far you can take a few pointers to apply to your own strategy.


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