Laptops versus Tablets: the Battle of Mobile Computing

Computing on the go has become more and more important in the last decade; mobile phones are becoming more powerful and the advent of social media keeps us hooked to a screen almost 24 hours a day! However, the laptop and tablet PC have kept us particularly hooked with the advances in technology and our increasing demands as consumers.

 Laptops versus Tablets - the Battle of Mobile Computing

More and more people now want to take a computer out with them. Whether that’s for business or pleasure but which one is the right choice? This piece of technology may be traveling hundreds, even thousands of miles with you, so it’s important to make the right call. Whilst this will give you a roundup of what to expect from each device, remember to conduct your own research into which tablet or laptop would be suitable for you and your needs before purchasing.


Laptops have a longer history than the tablet, making us more familiar with them. In recent times they have become powerful machines, almost on par with their desktop cousins. This power means that if you’re willing to spend the money, there’s a laptop for every role you can think of, from $300 netbooks that are small enough to fit into a handbag, to $2000 gaming and video-editing behemoths. There is such a huge variety of computers out that there that it can be daunting but there will be one out there suitable for you. And if not, then one huge advantage is that you can make it so – with the help of years of applications and modifications you can tailor the software to suit you by adding extras.

Laptops versus Tablets - the Battle of Mobile Computing -

As for tablets, it’s computing made easy. They’re simple to use, with touchscreen controls making surfing the web or replying to messages intuitive. Moreover, the app ecosystem for the three major operating systems – Apple, Android and Windows – means that installing a new program on your tablet is as easy as pressing a button. Of course, one much-advertised advantage of tablets is reading, whether it’s books, comics or information from the web. Without the bulk of a keyboard in front of you and the ability to easily zoom in and out, the simple act of reading becomes an effortless joy on tablets, which are supported by libraries of hundreds of thousands of books.


There is one company, however, that is seeking to combine the best of both worlds into one seamless experience. Windows 8 has a bold interface made with touchscreens in mind, yet it’s as easy to switch to a more traditional windows desktop. Having that powerful and familiar operating system behind it means that tablets and laptops with Windows 8 installed can be whatever the user needs it to be. Combined with the fact that many Windows tablets have covers that double as keyboards packaged with them and there’s already a market for ‘hybrid’ laptops that feature removable screens makes this operating system perfect for those who are still a fan of traditional computing.

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