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Mobile order tracking is one of the best ways to find out the status of your shipment and payment, if you are a customer. On the other hand, if you operate an e-commerce business, then this form of tracking offers your customers a perfect solution to check on the status of their orders, without the need to keep calling or contacting you regularly. This form of tracking offers a wide range of features and advantages that you cannot get anywhere else. With the MobileMagento order status tracking, you can access the status of shipment and payment online, and in real-time, as mentioned previously.

It is important to note that the ease with which you can trace and track the status of shipment is quite remarkable with Mobile Magento order status tracking. Moreover, with this form of tracking, you are assured of keeping check over your shipment and payment using your mobile gadget. In addition to the above, you are also able to keep track of either your shipment or payment using your desktop computer. In this age when almost all businesses have embraced e-commerce, keeping track of issues that are important to your business, such as shipment and payment, would save you a great deal of money and time.

If you check your Magento Go Store account, you will notice that it has an order status, which helps you to monitor each stage when an order is being processed. Initially, people had to keep making telephone calls to check the statuses of their orders. With the advent of e-commerce, making telephone calls repeatedly does not make much sense any more. It is an expensive exercise, which is not what you want if your goal is to cut down on costs. With the Magento Mobile Theme, you can see the status of the order that you have made. Alternatively, your customers have a superb way of checking on the statuses of their orders.

The Mobile Magento order status tracking allows both buyers and sellers to check on the status of their orders, without the need to log in to the particular e-commerce website. It is imperative to mention that with this tracking tool, the order statuses that you can check include processing, pending payment, suspected fraud, pending, payment review, on hold, closed, complete, canceled, and pending PayPal. With Magento, the order states that you can check include new, pending payment, complete, processing, closed, canceled, on hold, and payment review.

The Magento Mobile Theme allows you to customize your order status. If the status you wish to keep track of is not included in the pre-set theme, you can customize and make it unique to your e-commerce website. The status does not have to apply with external users alone. You can also make it applicable purely for the internal system within your organization. The Mobile Magento order status tracking gives you the freedom to attach more than one tracking number to any single shipment. You do not have to worry about compatibility, since the Magento Mobile theme is compatible with Windows Phone 7, Android, iOS, and BlackBerryOS.

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