Six SaaS Apps for Entrepreneurs and SMEs to Improve Productivity

As long as there’s an Internet connection, a laptop or a handy mobile device, business can continue to move forward for SaaS users. The proliferation of SaaS apps help to shape our activities for good, driving towards efficiency, increase in productivity and cost reduction.

If your organization has high demand because of the number of users who actively use SaaS apps and for highly specific purposes, then you may prefer developing custom SaaS apps to best respond to your operational needs, taking advantage of reliable cloud hosting solutions for SaaS.

However, most organizations would resort to ready-made SaaS apps instead of putting unnecessary pressure on their valuable in-house IT resources. These SaaS apps run on cloud servers with high scalability to operate as web-based services that offer flexible pricing plans on subscription-based models for entrepreneurs, SMEs and individuals. You can also use their free services but with limited features. Anyway, if you’re in search for top picks, these popular apps might work for your business:

  1. Google Apps – The search engine giant provides you a suite of its applications that you can use to unify all your business activities, including Gmail for email, Google Drive for storage and web-based office for collaboration and Google Analytics for data tracking and analysis. There are a whole lot of services in this suite that you can use for free or pay in premium rates.

  2. Mad Mimi – If you want a straightforward and user-friendly newsletter sender, you can get a host of basic newsletter tools in this app. The dashboard brings you a simple template that you can start with your campaigns. What’s more, the navigation itself on its web-based system gives you two tabs you can browse, which makes it simpler and faster to browse, create a campaign and see statistics. Frankly, it’s simpler than MailChimp.

  3. Survey Monkey – Want to conduct surveys or research? This app provides free service and premium features, allowing you to create and publish surveys instantly. Whether it’s a long online questionnaire or a poll, it’ll help you gather information and responses from customers in real-time that you can view in graphs. The free service has limited features; but you can opt for the premium package for more customisations.

  4. GoToMeeting – Save money on transportation cost and have online conferences instead. That is, if you really want to maximise online meetings and web conferences for customers and staff. Whilst nothing beats personal meetings, GoToMeeting is surely a great alternative to expand an online business whilst cutting the cost for worldwide audience. Don’t worry; it’s available for all Windows and Mac users.

  5. Basecamp – 37signals’ web-based project management allows collaboration and communication among team members. You can discuss the project with your team or with the client. It allows you to post all the pending and future projects, assign and track the tasks at hand and centralise the work and communication with a simple framework. It’s a good alternative of SharePoint services, though.

  6. Buffer – Tired of manually updating social media accounts? Buffer was built to do the task for you. It’s easy to use and automated. You can schedule tweets and Facebook updates in different time zones. It also provides key metrics about your visitors and fan activities, including how many times they click your links, the peak hours for browsing as well as a whole lot of data you can use to improve your customer engagement. The social media management suite is free (limited to one account only), and a package with premium pricing plan that starts from $10 per month.

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