Successfully grow your business

So, now you have set up your business and want to know what is the next important step. Well growing a business is essential after the rocky set up stage has passed. Read on for some tips on how to grow a business successfully.


Socialising for business

Business connections are key to business growth and what you will find is that lots of useful business connections can be made on the social circuit. Why not get involved in business breakfast groups or groups that are dedicated to networking? This will make it much easier for your business to grow as not only will you make connections that are useful in terms of getting new customers, you will make connections with people who can help you out if you need help or advice. There are massive advantages to having a well-developed social media plan, especially for a modern, online business. One of the most successful digital enterprises of the decade (The cash loan provider Wonga) was developed not only on the back of service innovation but additionally understanding how to use all aspects of the digital channel to full capacity, and the same should be considered for your own company.



Updating equipment is a great idea if you want to grow your business. Slow or unreliable equipment can damage your business reputation as well as your capacity to take on new work and meet new deadlines. The key to linking successful growth as a result of updated equipment is ensuring you do your homework and assess the benefits of the cost of any new equipment and then invest wisely. There is no point in investing in the latest high tech gadgets if these are essentially just going to be used for show or to play with – make sure the equipment has a stated purpose and that the advantages of investing in the equipment are clear to be seen.



Delegating work and tasks to employees and other third parties is essential if you want to grow your business successfully. There is always a temptation to micromanage a business and to delay doing tasks until they can be done yourself, however this stifles business growth and will need to be addressed if you want to grow your business successfully. Instead of micromanaging you could delegate the work to someone who you feel is competent and trustworthy. Give them a little time and space to get to grips with the task and offer guidance if necessary. Then make sure you evaluate their progress and see if the process of delegation has worked.


Register your business

You need to ensure that your business is adequately protected in order to ensure adequate growth. There are a wide range of benefits to company registration, the full details of which are beyond the scope of this single blog posts but as a quick overview, company registration makes it easier to; establish business specific bank accounts, acquire business loans, develop brand awareness and trust with your customer base, officially hire employees, arrange supplier discounts and of course take the first steps to ensuring the copyright of your intellectual and business property.


Review your communication systems and your website

Your website will often be the first point of contact for potential new customers or clients, so make sure you create a good impression by ensuring your communication systems are up to date. Make sure you have a modern social networking strategy and ensure that you keep your website updated to show that your business is growing. This is a great way to boost the image and reputation of your business!


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