This article discusses the merits or otherwise of CAD software specifically designed for use by electrical engineers.

Most electrical professionals lack in depth knowledge of CAD and have little relevant experience compared to for instance construction engineers and architects. The use of such specialised software for industries in the electrical and related fields therefore requires additional personnel to produce production drawings based on sketches drawn by professionals in the electrical world. This situation is far from ideal as the levels and frequency of communication across the people involved will inevitably lead to misinterpretation and errors in produced drawings. Companies or individuals who therefore invest in a bespoke electrical software package will quickly streamline their production of relevant and easily understood documentation with all the inherent benefits this will bring. Investment in electrical cad software is therefore highly recommended .13

The power of bespoke systems specifically aimed at the Electrical industry.

Production of electrical documentation is specialised notwithstanding the current methods of this process across a range of professions in the greater construction industry. Numerous categories and functions are required which would include autofill of some documents for parts and different connections. Automatic wire numbering. Support of current electrical standards and BS standards and current codes of practice. Integration into a BIM type interface for smooth understanding across a multi disciplinary project. Other related specifics would include reference designations, easy copying in and between projects, references between symbols, the means to produce and send ordering files automatically to relevant suppliers and many many more terms and specifics. This of course means that electrical design software is a very cost effective investment for electrical professionals of all disciplines. If your business is involved in projects in different corners of the globe then the requirement for translation to be an integral part of your software package in particular to drawings and components is paramount to success.

Electrical Schematic and Wire Harness Design

Another innovative and very useful development is in wire harness design software.

This software is a modern 3D package for the efficient design and documentation of cable harnesses. Like all purpose built systems it should be highly efficient at automating the various steps involved from importing the wiring lists from a platform such as EPLAN to routing cables and producing / generating all the necessary documentation including the 2D nail board drawings.

Software packages of this type should enable companies to quickly design and route electrical wiring, harnessing , cabling and conduit assemblies of various proprietary products in a 3D format. By allowing these parameters to be seamlessly integrated at the design stages of a particular product or process, saves time and redesign costs, and helps to ensure efficient production assembly times and other factors such as serviceability. Tools in packages such as this would include tools allowing a designer to quickly build a route of pipes, tubes or an electrical cabling system for a particular assembly. As development of these packages continue they will provide a much more integrated and purpose build design solution for electrical designers and engineers worldwide.

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